If you want to join in/help out please contact a committee chair and let them know or you my have some ideas to make certain events better. We welcome your ideas!

Post Meet Socials – Mack and Mary

  • Find a place close to Arena to accommodate
  • Arrange food and refreshments
  • Mondays during the season

National Duals – Mary

  • Arrange for a block of tickets to be set aside
  • Arrange hotels – release date 1 month prior to event
  • Arrange an informal social each night

Big Ten’s – Mary

  • Arrange for a block of tickets if possible
  • Arrange hotel – release date at least 1 month prior to event
  • Prepare for possibility of informal social for final night

NCAA’s – Mary, Brett and Mack

  • Arrange hotel (300 rooms) – release date 60 days prior to event
  • Provide info on host hotel to boosters
  • Arrange for socials on Friday & Saturday nights
  • Arrange for food at both socials

Promotions – Mary

  • Booster Club Web Site
  • Provide information to members on activities and upcoming Booster Events
  • Develop an electronic newsletter to send to members
  • Allow for members to exchange information and discuss upcoming events
  • • Encourage student participation

Mary Christensen-White

Membership Manager

Brett Lawrence


Mack Reiter


Luke Becker

Assistant Coach